Our Story

Trout Family - Original Northwest Spices

Three generations strong

In 1989, Dale Griswold, Dylan's grandfather, purchased the company “For the Love of Pasta” and began selling specialty shaped pastas and a handful of unique spice mixes. Over the next few years, as the tastes and diets of our customers changed, more spice blends were added to the product collection. Thirty years later we are still creating quality products from the same tried and true recipes. The creativity and willing to commit to and realize his dream lives on in grandson and CEO, Dylan Trout. 

  “As a little boy, I'd help Grandpa Dale sell at all the local events here in the Pacific Northwest. I looked forward to summer as a kid, not to play outside, but excited to hustle at fairs and festivals. I loved being able to work with my grandfather and learn how to run a family business, especially since my Dad died when I was only ten. Grandpa definitely created a legacy. I’m honored to continue to grow the business and help customers enjoy healthy spice options.” -- Dylan Trout

 All natural with no sugar or salt

The all natural and health conscious spices and seasonings we create and sell are Grandpa Griswold’s original recipes.  To this day, we blend, package and label all of our products in house and by hand. As a young boy, Dylan began working alongside Grandpa Griswold and helped him create the lasting legacy that is now known as Northwest Spices. 

 When the winds change adjust your sails

Just as we kept up with the changes in diet by adding sugar-free and salt-free spices, we've also made changes to the way we sell and promote our products. The company has always been about creating personal connections by selling at various trade shows, fairs and events around the Pacific Northwest. Technology has changed and has allowed us to reach a wider audience and establish a greater following by selling online. World events have prevented us from meeting our customers face to face, so we created an online experience where you can buy direct and search through our recipes for delicious meal ideas to make your family and friends. We hope to see you in person again soon!